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Luxury property in Budapest, the best choice for a premium lifestyle

​​How can you find the perfect luxury property in Budapest? What makes a property a “luxury property” anyway? And what can Flott Invest help you with?

Budapest is one of the most wonderful cities in the world, where art and history meet the modern lifestyle. But how can you find the perfect luxury property in Budapest? What makes a property a “luxury property” anyway? And what can Flott Invest help you with?

In this blog post, we have collected the most important information and tips to help you find your dream home.


Looking at the latest trends in the real estate market, we can say that location plays a big role in defining luxury. In the case of a luxury property, it can generally be said that in most cases the most important junctions of the city are easily and quickly accessible, even if you the home is located in a cozy, garden city, not overcrowded area. 

Luxury properties located in Budapest's most popular green area are primarily II., III., XII. and the XI. are located in the district. The good mountain air, plenty of green areas, well-arranged streets and a cultured residential community contribute to this.

Luxusingatlan Budapest, District 2

The mentioned districts  are great locations from the point of view of locating a luxury property, but this does not exclude other areas either: for example, a nicely renovated, classic downtown apartment is V. or XIII. district on the banks of the Danube can be an excellent location for a luxury apartment. This can be even more true if we are talking about a modern penthouse apartment on the roof of a building that provides its residents with a breathtaking panorama.

An eye-catching panorama can play a significant role in any luxury property. Both the cityscape and the picturesque landscape have their own charm, everyone decides for himself which one he prefers.


Design is also closely related to the concept of luxury. Nowadays, many newly built apartments or houses boast a stylish and unique appearance (renovated downtown apartment buildings also deserve a mention with their incredible interiors). But in the case of luxury, we have to dig deeper, and we have to go further in this. It is not about following the latest trends, but more about dictating trends, breaking conventional solutions and forms.

A true luxury apartment is a pioneer, without compromising the features of newly built residential parks or apartment complexes. The aim is to design something unique and unconventional, to find new solutions in architecture. Going back to historical times can also be suitable for not following the trends, since villas and castle-like buildings are often also luxury residences.

Equipment and construction

In addition to the unique style, it is also important to find the right elements – the real luxury property is equipped with premium category furniture. Despite the fact that high-quality, sophisticatedly designed items are now also available in mass stores , the luxury residence goes a few steps beyond that, choosing its pieces instead of widely available furnishings.

Luxusingatlan Budapest

If we are talking about a family home, then the garden also plays a huge role in the realization of luxury. In most cases, gardeners and gardening specialists take care of the green surfaces. Extraordinaryness can also manifest itself in the garden, in the form of beautiful parks, exotic and rare in vegetation, perhaps arranged and trimmed in some artistic style.

Do not forget about indoor plants either, as they literally define and can improve the atmosphere of a home.

Smart homes

Various "smart home" solutions are spreading more and more, so it is easy to understand that luxury properties must have the most modern technology possible. The term "smart home" usually refers to homes in which several functions can be controlled remotely from a computer or mobile phone - for example, temperature control, irrigation scheduling, timing of kitchen appliances, ventilation control, management of blinds and shades, etc. The most modern solution for these is when you can control all the options of smart homes with a simple application from your smartphone.

Environmental awareness

Most of the premium category, newly built apartments and family houses are catching up with environmentally conscious techniques - these not only help to protect the immediate nature of the home, but also benefit the residents in the long term. One of the most popular of these is the solar panel, which is now a standard requirement for new luxury properties, as it has been proven that high energy efficiency can be achieved with this.

In addition to solar panels, the toolset of environmentally friendly technologies includes drilled wells, rainwater collection tanks, wastewater recirculation systems or air ventilation systems. These solutions can not only improve the green indicators of the apartment, but also help to reduce dependence on utilities and reduce monthly expenses.


In those properties where most of the mentioned luxury equipment and techniques can be found, appropriate security measures must also be taken to protect all these values. In the case of luxury, we must look for the most modern security technologies, there is no possibility of compromise on this .

In addition to the advanced locking system and the reinforced front door, security cameras are available, which - as was mentioned in the presentation of smart homes - can also be monitored from a smartphone in order to maintain privacy and security.

What does Flott Invest help with?

Our company has several decades of experience in the distribution and rental of luxury properties in Budapest.

Thanks to our international team and our carefully selected real estate portfolio, we can offer truly special properties to our clients. You can find countless treasures in our portfolio, from modern villas to renovated classic high-class downtown apartments.

Our goal is to find the perfect home or the ideal investment opportunity for our buying clients, and to achieve the highest return for our owner clients.